Technically, this post doesn’t have anything to do with plates. True, I was in the process of dragging a good friend off to go plate hunting, but then this happened and I just had to share it. So it is about plates, sort of, but not really.

Is that the Wienermobile? OMG!

Now, what does any rational adult over the age of 45 do when they see the Wienermobile? I have no idea, but what I did was jump out of the car and run over to one of the young “Hotdoggers” (the nickname given to Wienermobile drivers)  and begin asking excitedly for a “wiener whistle”.  For those of you who have never been fortunate enough to acquire one of your own, this is a wiener whistle:

Behold! The Wiener Whistle

It’s basically a tiny replica of the Wienermobile and tweets shrilly when used. Get 10 or 15 little kids together with these things and its guaranteed good times.

Naturally, this close encounter of the hot dog kind got me to thinking about the old Oscar Mayer wiener song and so my poor friend was forced to suffer through a few rounds of the classic little ditty. Fortunately, our friend the Internet has preserved the whole thing for our viewing pleasure:

I also came across this interesting video, which is basically Jerry Ringlien, who worked in Oscar Mayer’s advertising department, discussing the story behind the wildly popular commercial:

So, no plate to offer up right now – the wiener whistle will have to suffice.