My Dad was born in Indiana, so this plate always reminds me of him. Its unmarked, so I have no idea who created it, but its an awesome example of a state commemorative plate.

First off, a “Hoosier” is basically just someone from Indiana – that’s the short version. If you want the long version, go here or if you want the holy cow! version, check here.

The plate’s center is dominated by this great state map, peppered with little icons, that remind the viewer that this is an important state. It also serves to impart little bits of the state’s culture.

State map

One of my favorite images on the plate is the burly farmer, toiling under the cloudy Indiana sky to bring food to our tables.

Farm Products

Just below our friend the farmer is the Geroge Rogers Clark Memorial Shrine (or as its known today, George Rogers Clark National Historical Park). Mr. Clark was quite the interesting American Revolutionary War figure.

GRC Memorial Shrine

The plate is rounded out nicely with images of The University of Notre Dame, The World’s Largest Steel Mill & Lake Shakamak.

University of Notre Dame

Steel Mill

Lake Shakamak

I’ve only been to Indiana once and I never left the Indianapolis airport, but this plate certainly makes it look like a nice place to visit. Next time, I’ll leave the airport.