I love this plate from Biloxi, Mississippi because I spent a large part of my childhood there. I grew up vacationing in Biloxi mostly because my aunt and uncle owned a beach house there and always had a pile of sunburned kids running around tracking sand everywhere and leaving the screen doors open or alternately slamming them shut.

Biloxi, Mississippi

This plate was created by an outfit called Enco National, based out of New York and proudly proclaims that it was available “exclusively from Souvenir City in Biloxi, MS”.

Souvenir City

Souvenir City is prominently featured at the top of the plate & I can vividly remember heading there at the end of each summer’s stay to choose some choice beach junk to take home.

Beauvoir - The Jefferson Davis Home

Located at the bottom of the plate is a place I used to love to visit, Beauvoir (The Jefferson Davis Home). With beautifully maintained grounds and museum quality displays inside, it was a little shot of culture for us kids every summer. Sadly, the main house and library were badly damaged, and other outbuildings were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, the main house weathered the storm (like she weathered Camille in 1969) and is open for tour again.

Historic fort on Ship Island

Ship Island was another popular destination with us kids and we used to love to go out there and climb around Fort Massachusetts. The fort was originally built in 1859 and was full of scary, dark corridors and hiding spots for monsters. Going out there was always a treat.

Today, of course, the face of Biloxi has changed a great deal. Gone are most of the old landmarks I remember from my childhood, replace by fancy casinos  and hotels. The area was devastated by the 27-foot high storm surged that came ashore ahead of Hurricane Katrina and then 17 hours of hurricane force winds and water just about finished the job. But, Biloxi endures, just like she did after Camille and is still affectionately known as “The Poor Man’s Riviera”.