New Orleans 250th Anniversary Plate

This beauty holds a special place in my heart, since I consider New Orleans to be my home. This plate was conceived by the artists at Kettlesprings Kilns of Alliance, Ohio, a company still happily designing commemorative plates today.

The plate has some beautiful detail work of various famous (or infamous) New Orleans locations. I’ve chosen a few of the most striking to highlight.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

The centerpiece of the plate is a detail of Jackson Square Park, located in the heart of the French Quarter. A total of seven flags have flown over this square, representing five different peoples and their governments.

LaFitte's Blacksmith

LaFittes Blacksmith Shop

According to legend (and there are a few surrounding this little shop) the pirates Jean and Pierre Laffite used this little, ramshackle shop to conduct their smuggling affairs.

Old New Orleans Mint

The Old New Orleans Mint was the first mint in the U.S. to coin silver money. During the Civil War it was briefly converted into a Federal Prison.

The Cabildo

Built in 1795, the Cabildo was erected by the Spanish and was the seat of Colonial government in New Orleans. The ornate building has survived 2 fires, an attempt to have it demolished in the late 1800’s and, most recently, Hurricane Katrina. (And yes, if you look closely there is a tiny bug crawling across the front lawn of the Cabildo. That’s what I get for taking my pictures outdoors.)

Reverse side of plate

On the reverse side of the plate is additional, colorful information about each of the areas outlined on the front.

So, there we have it. The New Orleans 250th Anniversary Commemorative plate. Laissez le bon ton roulette!