Because they’re colorful, mementos of places frozen in time and I just find them fascinating. I have actually visited some of the places I have plates for, but the vast majority have been plucked from various thrift stores & flea markets over the course of many years. Most of my plates are the relics of other people’s memories, relegated to “junk” when their owners passed away or decided Rock City really wasn’t all that great. But I’m there, combing through the stacks of plates and crockery, hoping to find a gem hidden amongst the piles of odds and ends.

My plan here is to feature a few of my favorite plates each week and hopefully encourage some other folks to share theirs as well. I by no means consider myself to be any sort of expert on souvenir plates, just an avid fan and collector.

I suppose its only proper that I should kick this plate parade off with the famed “Behind The Frozen Window”, which is widely credited as the first limited edition collector’s plate. It was created in 1895 by the Danish company, Bing and Grondahl. Needless to say, this plate is NOT part of my personal collection but is definitely one of my favorites.

Behind The Frozen Window

In the weeks to come I’ll showcase some plates I actually do own and I hope that some of you will want to share your own favorites as well.